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Mohammed Yearuzzam

River Ink is a passionate signature trademark of Mohammed Yearuzzam. He was born in Bangladesh, Barishal on the 1st of January 1987. After graduating from American International University of Bangladesh he involved himself in RMG & Offset Printing sector. Besides his professional work he has always felt the passion about art. He felt this is not the end of learning things. Long time before computers became a viable tool for visual and graphical communications.

It was hard at work mastering the basics. Fundamentals such as life drawing, photography, graphic design and layout were stressed out along with developing proficiency with such tools of the trade as ink, pen, pencil, paint and brush.Today the term such as “digital” and “CGI’ are thrown around as if they are an ends to themselves, rather than just a means to creative solution. A computer, as well as software programs such, as Photoshop or Illustrator, is fundamentally no different than a paper and pen or the brush.

He enjoys his life through the lens. He loves capturing moments such as portrait, life style, macro and nature. He always tries to capture the natural object very uniquely and creatively in audiences view. His photography tells us the story of our contemporary life, which connects the sense of arts and feeling of moments. This is not only a vision of a photographer but also the story telling by his lens. His photography might be the evoking abstract surrealist type of poem’s visual outcomes.

He generates the visual presentation and designs of goods including websites, album covers, and unique Logos. His wish is to combine his own knowledge and experience in these areas, to deliver the best creative to his audiences through River Ink.